Friday, October 22, 2010

Halloween Walk

We had a great sponsored Halloween walk today and we got back just in time as it rained for the rest of the day! Our costumes were fantastic, check them out! Thanks to all who dressed up and collected money for our school.
Also we had a Halloween party where we danced a lot…we love dancing! We also said Goodbye to Lukasz who left our class today, we will miss him. We got a photos of him with his granny before he left…he’s the skeleton in the photos.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Clay Spiders

We made Clay Spiders in Art yesterday using clay, pipe cleaners and googly eyes and today we painted them black. Teacher forgot to talk photos of us making them, so here’s the final product!!

Maths - Counting Stick & Human Number line

In Maths we have a counting stick that we use to practicing saying our numbers between 0 and 10. Each number has its place on the stick, and we say the number as teacher points to the stick. Then we take it in turns to be the teacher with the counting stick. We also have plastic numbers that teacher gives out and we have to arrange ourselves into a human number line. Then teacher asks other children to find numbers in the number line and when we find it we take the number off the person holding it and they sit down. We can also find numbers before or after a number or even a number between two numbers. We love using the counting sticks and human number line!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Maths Trail - Maths Week

We went on a Maths Trail for Maths week. We had to count trees, look at the colour of the lines on the road, look for berries, seeds, pick a leaf and look for shapes, square, circle, diamond, star, and rectangle. We recorded our findings. It was great fun!

Monday, October 11, 2010

Pumpkin People Art

We made Pumpkin people today in art. We had to colour in all the various parts. Then we cut them out…that took a long time and we even lost a few bits but were able to make them again! Then we had to glue all the bits of our pumpkin person together on a large piece of paper, it was tricky but we were good at it. What do you think??

Woodbeat - Baboró

We went to see Holzklopfen (Woodbeat) today as part of Baboró's international festival for children. We really enjoyed the performance. A percussionist and a puppeteer take us on a fascinating journey as they create and discover figures, creatures, situations and episodes - all made from wood. Before our eyes a land of wood and music is created for us to enter and explore on our own. At the end of the performance we all got to tiptoe tentatively into this wooden land and make our own discoveries.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010


We are all unique and we all have different fingerprints. We decided to examine them and see what difference we found. We saw splits, cusps, whorls, tigers and zebras. It was really interesting and easy to do. We used a pencil and sticky tape!